Silicone Loose Beads

Silicone Loose Beads 1
  • DIY Favorite Jewelry– Come with breakaway dye free clasps so you can make your own inexpensive jewelry and accessory – in fact, kids have created many patterns and designs from a single set, enjoy those moments!

  • SAFE & FUNCTIONAL – Unlike wooden or metal materials, JiangYu silicone BPA free beads can be used as wearable teethers, pacifier clips and nursing jewelry. Non-toxic and perfect for babies or autistic kids to touch, tug and drool on. Great for soft baby gums and emerging teeth

  • REUSABLE & DURABLE  – Toddlers & adults loves to mix and match different jewelry patterns to make their own jewelry and then restring them with a different pattern. The tough material will allow you to reuse them multiple times when you get bored. FASHIONABLE & TRENDY- chewing and teething necklaces are worn by celebrities, chic moms and kids. Adds a charming vibe to your (or baby’s) outfit

  • More Design – Great for DEVELOPING fine motor and sensory skills, learning about patterns and creativity.

Silicone Loose Beads 2
Material Customized color Logo print Customized package
Food grade silicone 500pcs 500pcs 1000pcs
Item No., Products Name Size Net Weight
SI023 4 cavity square ice cube (with lid) 123x123x55mm 176 gram
SI024 6 cavity square ice cube (with lid) 165x115x50mm 160 gram
SI025 8 cavity square ice cube (with lid) 215x115x50mm 180 gram
SI037 9 cavity square ice cube (with lid) 123x123x33mm 156 gram
SI038 15 cavity square ice cube (with lid) 195x125x40mm 230 gram
SI083 20 cavity square ice cube (with lid) 150x122x27mm 150 gram
SI043 21 cavity square ice cube (with lid) 270x131x35mm 230 gram
SI110 36 cavity square ice cube (with lid) 240x130x23mm 210 gram
SI044 37 cavity honeycomp ice cube (with lid) 203x120x21mm 135 gram
SI085 10 cavity ice stick 260x95x20mm 120 gram
SI084 150 cavity mini heart ice block 235x104x10mm 120 gram
SI048 160 cavity mini square ice block 240x120x10mm 106 gram
SI095 160 cavity mini triagle ice block 240x120x10mm 106 gram

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