Repair tools Sensory Chew tube Necklace set

  • Helps Reduce Anxiety and Stress – The Chew Necklaces are a safe chewing option for individuals with sensory needs, such as Autism, PDD, and ADHD. They greatly reduce anxiety and promote calm for those with sensory input disorders and provide a safe alternative to chewing on hands, pens, clothing, and hard objects etc. It is the perfect chew tool for anyone who needing oral stimulation.

  • 100% Safe and Non-Toxic – 100% Certified food grade silicone, without taste and odor,non-toxic BPA free, PVC, phthalates, cadmium. Its adjustable string & breakaway clasps make it safe to use for most children.

  • Different Textures For Sensory Needs The Chewing Necklace has both larger stud bumps and small round bumps to provide different oral motor input. And our chew necklace is made from a tear-resistant silicone designed specifically for mild to moderate chewers.

  • Lasting Durability for Most Children – The Textured Grabber are made from high quality silicone materials, stronger and longer to chew. Different color and design in popular building block shape, bring more feeling of freshness to kids enjoy chewing.

Material Customized color Logo print Customized package
Food grade silicone 500pcs 500pcs 1000pcs
Item No., Products Name Size Net Weight
CTK001 Silicone brick stick chew necklace 71x20x13mm 23 gram
CTK002 Rainbow brick stick chewy necklace 65x20x13mm 19 gram
CTK003 Cross brick chewing necklace 56x81x13mm 30 gram
CTK004 Rainbow brick chewable necklace 58×39.5x13mm 21 gram
CTK005 Robot sensory chewelry necklace 55x30x10mm 21 gram
CTK006 Chess pendant,pawn,rook,bishop design 67x20x10mm 21 gram
CTK007 Crystal chewy oral chewing toys 75x12x12mm 13 gram
CTK008 Diaosaur chew necklace sensory 63x38x10mm 23 gram
CTK009 Silicone chew brick pendant 100x13x13mm 20 gram
CTK010 Bullet silicone sensory toys 63x13x13mm 14 gram
CTK011 Square block chew teether for girs 50x50x10mm 22 gram
CTK012 Skull chew toys for boy 50x60x10mm 28 gram
CTK013 Shark chewlery teething necklace 50x60x10mm 28 gram
CTK014 Silicone Tooth chew necklace autism 60x92x6mm 18 gram
CTK015 Dog tag sensory chewy necklace 60x92x6mm 18 gram
CTK016 P Textured Grabber Oral Motor Chew Tool 75x12x12mm 32 gram
CTK017 T Textured Grabber Oral Motor Chew Tube 101x62x13mm 24 gram
CTK018 T Textured Grabber Oral Motor Chew stick 100x62x12mm 23 gram
CTK071 Heart pendant chew necklace sensory 65x60x6mm 23 gram
CTK072 Dog tag autism sensory toys 65x50x10mm 23 gram
CTK073 Water Drop chew necklace sensory 51x12x6mm 20 gram
CTK074 Owl animal Silicone chew pendant 85x120x13mm 45 gram
CTK075 Lion silicone baby sensory toys 63x13x13mm 35 gram
CTK080 Shark child silicon chewy necklace 102x95x10mm 22 gram
CTK082 Puzzle chew pendant for ADHD, SPD 72x13x10mm 28 gram
CTK087 Butterfly chewlery teething toys 80x63x10mm 45 gram
CTK100 Wrench chewy stick 70x15x10mm 15 gram
CTK101 Screwdriver nursing necklace 65x15x10mm 23 gram
CTK208 Screwdriver Pen Cap 65x15x10mm 20 gram
CTK102 Wrench chewy tube 135x40x10mm 45 gram
CTK103 Hammer toughest Textured Grabber 125x70x10mm 55 gram

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