Silicone Baby Teether Toys

Baby Teether Toys 1
  • Baby Teether ToysCustom privated label supplier by JiangYu plastic hardware co., Ltd. we are create more than hundreds item for baby teething chew toys since 2018s’

  • 100% SAFE FOR BABIES & FOOD GRADE SILICONEThe BPA free material keeps your baby safe from all harmful bacteria, making it 100% safe. The extremely soft silicone material is great for your newborn’s gums and has no smell. The advanced material we use is natural and comfortable to your baby’s delicate skin

  • DURABLE ENOUGH – The baby teething toy is DURABLE ENOUGH to last well beyond the teething phase of your baby’s growth. Our infant toy is easy to grab, perfect for tiny mouths and will entertain and keep your baby busy and calm.

  • UNIQUE AND APPEALING DESIGNStimulating bright colors and a fun design are reasons why babies love Teether! With multiple teething surfaces and textures, your baby has different surfaces to help keep sore gum discomfort to a minimum, whilst easing their teething pain. Our teething toys are easy to grip for infants and enhances hand-to-mouth coordination through play. Our small, unique design fits perfectly in your baby’s hand, making it easy for your baby to hold & use

  • EFFECTIVE FOR THE FRONT MIDDLE AND BACK TEETH – Neutral colors make this one of the best baby gifts and infant toys.

Baby Teether Toys 2
Material Customized color Logo print Customized package
Food grade silicone 500pcs 500pcs 1000pcs
Item No., Products Name Size Net Weight
CTK079 Feather silicone baby teether 58x15x6mm 3.5 gram
CTK081 Dinosaur teething ball silicone diameter: 102mm 65 gram
CTK083 Cactus silicone Bristles toothbrush teething 100x54x15mm 27 gram
CTK087 Butterfly sensory teething toys 80x63x13mm 24 gram
CTK088 Ruby silicone baby teether 130x80x77mm 42 gram
CTK500 Owl  autism sensory toys 65x70x10mm 36 gram
CTK501 Koala silicon sensory teether 90x90x10mm 40 gram
CTK502 Smile donut teething pendant 60x18x10mm 36 gram
CTK503 Cutsomized Elephant baby teething toys 72x95x141mm 40 gram
CTK504 Unicorn sensory teether for toddler 83x90x10mm 37 gram
CTK505 Angel Fish natural rubber teether 92x78x10mm 37 gram
CTK506 Gold Fish rubber chew teether 92x70x10mm 37 gram
CTK507 Clown Fish collar de lactancia 96x62x10mm 37 gram
CTK508 Customized Silicone teether toy toothbrush 70x50x50mm 38 gram
CTK509 Rubbit sensory chew toys silicone 81x76x10mm 37 gram
CTK510 Penguin silicone baby jewelry 90x84x10mm 39 gram
CTK511 Car sensory teething toys for boys 86.5x59x11mm 42 gram
CTK512 Hedgehog silicone baby teether accessories 10x80x77mm 37 gram
CTK513 Birds  autism sensory toys 87x78x10mm 38 gram
CTK514 Mouse silicon toys for kids 96x52x11.5mm 32 gram
CTK515 Giraffe teething pendant 88x64x10mm 33 gram
CTK516 White silicone rabbit teether 62x90x9mm 35 gram
CTK517,8,9 silicone letter A,B,C teether 82x67x10mm 37 gram
CTK520 Polar Bear baby organic toys 80x58x10mm 30 gram
CTK521 Teddy Bear  rubber chew teether 81x60x10mm 30 gram
CTK522  Panda collar de lactancia 86x73x10mm 37 gram
CTK523 Baby Bear crinkle teether toy 92x62x10mm 38 gram
CTK524 Accordion Bear sensory chew toys silicone 92x62x10mm 38 gram
CTK525 Dance Bear silicone baby Pendant 92x62x10mm 38 gram
CTK526 Milk Bottle sensory teething toys for boys 93x87x11mm 42 gram
CTK527 Macaron silicone baby teether accessories 65x30mm 27 gram
CTK533 Moon  autism sensory toys 65x60x10mm 25 gram
CTK534 Christmas Tree silicon toys for kids 96x79x11.5mm 36 gram
CTK535 Deer teething pendant silicone 76x59x10mm 33 gram
CTK536 Corn silicone chew teether 101x63x25.5mm 34 gram

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