About us JiangYu, With more than 10 years of experiences, JiangYu plastic hardware Co., Ltd is field in OEM food grade silicone products,
Our products line is silicone ice cube tray, silicone food storage bags, silicone teething beads, silicone watch etc…….
We have own designer and Mold master to assist customer expand quality fashion products,For OEM/ODMs,
JiangYu offers to build-to-spec, private label and customized design products for integration. to protect the customers’ interests,
JiangYu will not provide the specifically designed products/solution to other customers to ensure highest confidentiality.

All current JiangYu products are available in standard or customized packaging, board sets are also available.

With its outstanding performance in product design and manufacturing management, JiangYu has been recognized as strategic partners with many major main-brand and small grow-up silicone products OEM accounts.

In addition, JiangYu is actively pursuing co-marketing and partnership opportunities with compatible product lines.